What is "Sarai?"

Brutally relevant and emotionally powerful, Sarai is the story of a  12-year-old Nigerian girl whose modest village life is shattered forever  as she finds herself captured by the Ken Jou Plek (Afrikaans for Know  Your Place), an extremist organization dedicated to the idea that women  and girls should “know their place.” Like all extremists, the KJP are  prepared to realize this vision by any means, including torture,  slavery, and bloodshed. Certain she is going to die, Sarai makes a  bargain with an unusual ally in an attempt to save her life and the  lives of her fellow captives. 

The inspiration for Sarai

"I can still remember the exact moment the idea came to me. It was April  14, 2014 and I was sitting in front of the TV, frantically trying to get  my taxes done so they would be postmarked April 15th, when I heard the  CNN anchor say “…as many as 200 girls were abducted from their boarding  school in northeastern Nigeria by heavily armed Boko Haram Islamists who  arrived in trucks, vans, and buses, officials and witnesses said.”  Having a young daughter myself I immediately set aside my W-2s and 1040.  In the days that followed, I could think of little else. How terrified  those poor girls must be. What horrible abuse might they be experiencing  at the hands of these savages? Was there anything anyone could do to  save them? To cope with this terrible tragedy my mind began to think  what it might be like if one of the girls had the power to fight back,  to save her fellow classmates, and to exact righteous vengeance on their  captors. Hence Sarai was born. "

Author, Sonnie Ellis