Children's Picture Books

The Wacky Wooly Waba-Waba

Timmy just can't seem to fall asleep, that is until he meets an unexpected and unusual friend! 

Jo's Big Paws: 2nd Edition

Jo's Big Paws is the story of a Boxer puppy who is trying to very  hard be helpful, only to discover it is harder than it might seem!  "JBP seeks to teach the lesson that what might appear at first to be an  obstacle or problem can often be a blessing in disguise!" 

Adolescent Fiction & Caribbean Short Stories

No Weh Nuh Better Than Yard

Welcome to Waitabit, a small village in rural Jamaica.  Get a glimpse of  small town Caribbean life through the eyes (and mouth) of Mr. Winston  Bugg, if not the town's most likeable, definitely the town's most well  known resident. 

Run Bim-Bim! Run!

Bim-Bim is a young boy who wants to win his school's annual  cross-country race and use the prize money for a bicycle. Smiles, laughs  and even lessons learned abound in this delightful tale depicting life  in rural Jamaica. 

The Banana Man of Waitabit

The third in a trilogy of short stories about the fictional village of  Waitabit, Jamaica, The Banana Man chronicles the most famous and beloved  of its' residents from whom we learn selflessness and inspiration.  A  man who lives by the wonderful old-fashioned idea that others come first  and you come second. 

Tales from Waitabit

This is a collection of Sonnie's first three short stories depicting life in the fictional village  of Waitabit, Jamaica, a small rural village filled with big  personalities and even bigger hearts.